Omni Technologies LLC is an engineering company specializing in design, development and supply of industrial systems for purification of liquid and gaseous process media. For a number of years our company has been developing, manufacturing and supplying filtration and separation equipment, gas treatment and purification units for Russian and foreign oil and gas companies.
Omni Technologies LLC is a part of ZAVKOM group of companies and has production facilities of one of the largest Russian chemical engineering plants, where most of the equipment developed by our company is manufactured according to GOST or ASME standards.
Attraction of advanced foreign technologies, adaptation of design and project documentation to Russian standards, as well as localization of production in Russia on the site of ZAVKOM JSC allows Omni Technologies LLC as a part of such alliance to supply high-tech equipment to the largest enterprises of oil and gas sector.
Omni Technologies LLC supplies equipment in accordance with the level of completion required by the customer. Within the framework of order fulfillment highly qualified personnel of the company can perform R&D, pre-project survey, design, author's supervision, supervision of installation and commissioning. ISO 9001-2015 quality management system is implemented in the company. When supplying block equipment, we give preference to the principle of maximum replacement of imported components with Russian analogs that match the quality of the best world manufacturers.
          The main areas of application of equipment developed by Omni Technologies:
— in GTU, GTPP, GPA for natural gas purification from mechanical impurities and droplet liquid and preparation before feeding into gas turbine engines, as well as in their seals;
— on trunk pipelines for cleaning of transported natural and fuel gas from mechanical impurities and dripping liquid before supply to compressor stations;
— at amine purification, glycol drying, desulfurization units of refineries, gas processing plants and other facilities for purification of liquid media (amines, glycols, hydrocarbon condensate, etc.) from mechanical impurities;
— at warehouses of commercial fuels (at oil and gas processing plants and other facilities) from mechanical impurities and water;
— at fuel and energy facilities, refineries, gas processing plants and oilfields for purification of process gases (natural, WNG, etc.) from mechanical impurities (dust collectors);
— at membrane plants for fine gas purification from liquid droplets and mechanical impurities before feeding into membrane modules;
— in UGS facilities for purification of natural gas from compressor oil during injection, from mechanical impurities and dripping liquid during gas withdrawal;
— at liquid drying, purification, desulfurization plants to prevent dripping liquid and mist (mist eliminators);
— on any other technological installations or objects for filtration, separation, preparation of liquid and gaseous technological media according to the technical task of the customer;
— at fuel and energy facilities, refineries, gas processing plants and fields for gas purification from unwanted impurities such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, etc. at liquid and solid absorbers (gas drying and purification units) before supplying to consumers.