Design of process equipment, produced by “Omni technologies” is executed from initial data (Data Sheet, Technical specification, etc.) , taking into account individual approach towards any of our Clients. Close partnership with JSC “ZAVKOM” and cooperation with its design, process and other departments allow us to produce process systems on “turn key” basis.

Control over and regular increase of quality of our equipment, working process automation, application of newest filtration, separation and treatment methods — are major factors, allowing “Omni technologies” to be competitive at the local market.

Computer simulation is one of the major parts of our design process. Using graphic simulators our design and process engineers make visual evaluation of the internal treatment processes, which results in further modernization or improvement of the system designed.

Possessing our own experience, taking into consideration knowledge and experience of our foreign partners and closely cooperating with Russian scientific and design entities, our specialists work out our own methods and calculation programs, as well as apply existing engineering programs and analytical software.

For instance, gas dynamic simulation of processes inside vessels under various operating conditions allow to evaluate filtration process stability (from PD evaluation to filter cartridges replacement periodicity) and to optimize inlet process parameters.

In 2019, we completed the work on the design of waste water treatment unit from aluminates of cosmetic production by washing with an alkaline solution of aluminum cylinders. This work included a pre-project study of the facility, analysis of waste water, and selection of a technology for treating waste water from aluminates based on R&D activities.