Filter elements

One of the Omni Technologies activities is the supply of filter elements intended for treatment of various process gases from dropping liquid (water, compressor or industrial oil, liquid hydrocarbons, etc.), aerosols and mechanical impurities.

Filter elements use for single-stage and multi-stage purification of gaseous media, efficiency of gas separation from dropping liquid and mechanical impurities less than 1 micron is from 95% to 99.999%, the operating temperature is from minus 20ºС to plus 240ºС, depending on the type of filter element.

Filter elements can be divided to the following types:

  • used to remove mechanical impurities from the dry gas;
  • used for separating of dropping liquid from moist gas in combination with removal of mechanical impurities;
  • including an integrated pre-separation section used to remove dropping liquid and small contaminants from moist gas;
  • used for separation of the smallest drops of liquid and contaminants from a moist gas.
  • used to liquid filtration

Currently, Omni Technologies is the official dealer of Russian manufacturer of filter elements LLC SATEC TM.

Production capacities allow developing analogs and choosing the equivalent of filter elements for process equipment of both domestic and foreign manufacturers such as: PALL, Parker / Hannifin, Parker / Velcon, PECOFacet, Tecnofiltri, HAFI, Fluidtech, HYDAC, etc.

One of the many advantages of production is the availability of a laboratory base, which allows carrying out tests of throughput and separation capacity of manufactured filter elements, under conditions as close as possible to workers.

Based on the technical specification or the data sheet from the Customer, or the nomenclature of need for process equipment and replaceable filter elements, Omni Technologies LLC can assist in the following:

  • to choose the necessary filtration technology;
  • to calculate, choose and supply necessary type of filter element;
  • to design, manufacture and supply process equipment for the separation and filtration of various gaseous media.
  • to upgrade existing filtration equipment.

For many years, Omni Technologies has been supplying process equipment and filter elements to the largest companies in the oil and gas industry of Russian Federation (such as Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, etc.) for the operation at industrial facilities:

  • Compressor stations;
  • Gas distribution stations;
  • Booster compressor stations;
  • Gas-turbine electric power plant;
  • Gas pumping units.