Parts, details, internals and instrumentation for filtration and separation equipment

As per the requirement of a client our filtration-separation equipment may be constructed as a skid.

For example, coalescing skid usually includes the following parts, details and auxiliary systems

  • filter-coalescer, equipped by set of coalescing cartridges
  • Instrumentation
    • PD transducer
    • Excess pressure transducer
    • Leveller
    • Cut-off valves
  • Piping manifold and vents
  • Supporting metal structure and maintenance platform
  • Electrical heating system and heating insulation
  • Automated system of captured liquid draining
  • Automated operation system
  • Set of spareparts

Ordering complete skid, the Client gets following advantages

The skid is supplied together with manifold and vents, assembled at supporting frame. All necessary instrumentation is also in scope of supply. All tests and inspections are completed at the manufacturing site (including hydraulic tests), and only then the skid is packed and delivered to the Client. As opposed to not-in-skid supply (one vessel without any piping, vents and instruments) the Client will not need to purchase required instrumentation. There is also no need to settle a special team for erection of piping.

During assembly of a skid, the skid is just put on foundation, inlet and outlet collectors are simply connected to the major line, drainage collector and instruments are connected to existing lines, and the skid is ready for operation.

"Omni technologies" manufactures its production at leading machinery plants of Russian Federation. All equipment is of Russian origin. Generally we equip our products by locally produced parts and instruments, however, we may complete our skids by imported parts and internals.

Data output to top-level controllers and CDS.