Two-stage multicyclone filters-coalescers

Nowadays there is a tendency to apply two-stage systems for transported gas treatment. By two-stage system we mean combination of coalescing section and multicyclone section in one vessel, which provides the best result in finest treatment of gas.

First treatment stage — gas treatment in multicyclone section, where solid and liquid contaminants sized over 8 micron are separated with 100% efficiency, 5–8 micron — 90% efficiency, smaller than 5 micron — over 50% efficiency.

Second stage — final gas treatment by coalescing cartridges, where solids and liquids sized over 3 micron are separated with 100% efficiency, 2–3 micron—99% efficiency, smaller than 1 micron — about 98% separation efficiency.

As both gas treatment stages are assembled in one vertical vessel, the quality of treated products fully complies with the international requirements towards commercial gas. Besides, such solution seriously decrease sizing of vessel itself, metal consumption is lowered, and service life of coalescing cartridges becomes longer, due to capture of rough particles at multicyclone section.

Filter with coalescing and multicyclone elements

Filtration of solids and liquids
At multicyclone tubes section Less then 5 micron From 5 to 8 micron More than 8 micron
50% 90% 100%
At coalescing elements section Up to 1 micron From 2 to 3 micron More than 3 micron
98% 99% 100%