Gas and air treatment units and systems

Our company develops and manufactures a wide range of gas processing equipment, including the following technological processes: treatment, dehydration, heating, compression, cooling and reducing of gas. According to the Customer requirements, our engineers can combine these processes in the developing process diagrams to provide the optimal equipment design.

1.1. Units and systems of barrier nitrogen, instrumental, separating and cooling air treatment.

The most important component of any manufacturing enterprise, workshops is a pneumatic system. The applied application of the system is quite wide - from valve actuators and purging equipment provision and pipelines purging up to air cooling and pneumatic tools operation. Omni Technologies designs, manufactures and supplies air and nitrogen preparation units and systems for various production processes, providing the necessary parameters for air/nitrogen preparation.

1.2. Fuel gas treatment units and systems

Gas turbine engines are used as a standard drives for gas pumping units at gas pumping compression stations. To ensure failure-free service, the fuel gas for engines should be purified to the required parameters. In the production line of our equipment, there are various models of units and systems for the fuel gas treatment, both outdoor and modular constructions.

1.3. Buffer gas treatment units and systems

Mains gas is used as the working substance of dry gas-dynamic seals of the compressor of a gas-pumping unit at compressor stations for gas pumping. Due to the increased requirements for the purity of this gas, our company offers buffer gas treatment units and systems with a fine gas treatment of up to 0.5 microns. The equipment is produced both in outdoor and modular constructions.