Jet fuel filters

Jet fuel quality problem is one of the most significant and airport maintenance services pay serious attention to this issue.

“Omni technologies” designs and supplies fine jet fuel filters.

For jet fuel filtration from water and mechanical contaminants, we offer treatment system, containing two sequential vertical and horizontal filters.

Operational principle

Jet fuel flow enters vertical VF-filter through inlet nozzle (equipped with filter elements FE-2000-25-1-Б, flow moves from outside to inside of the element), designed for primary separation of fuel from rough solids — 25 micron and larger. Then jet fuel flow enters GF horizontal water separator and passes through coalescing EFK-300-5-M cartridges (flow moves from outside to inside of the element), and then the flow passes through one ES-750-1-M separation element (flow moves from outside to inside of the element).

Solids separation efficiency at the outlet — down to 3…5 micron, content of free water at the outlet — 0,0015 (% mass).