Gas processing, drying and treatment units

Units designed to remove oil, condensate of hydrocarbons, water and mechanical impurities from gas, for this use: separators, filters with membrane, coalescing, cyclone and other elements of various principles of mixtures separation using regular mass-exchange nozzles; to remove foreign impurities, such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, etc. - using liquid and solid absorbers.

Purpose: Gas drying and processing, depending on quality requirements and technological parameters (pressure, temperature, concentration of foreign contaminants, dew point by water and hydrocarbons) in these units use heaters, refrigerators, compressor units, reducing devices, buffer tanks and other auxiliary equipment. Units can consist of either one or several vessels, and also can include auxiliary equipment, piping, fittings, instrumentation and other components necessary to ensure the required degree of gas treatment.

Units manufacture in accordance with ТУ 28.99.39-045-00217366-2017 and ТУ 28.25.14-002-95953872-2019.

Units can be equipped with electric heating, heating tracing and thermal insulation.

Application area: oil and gas production, oil and gas refining, petrochemicals and other industries.

Units manufacture in all climatic modifications specified in GOST 15150, or may have a special version depending on the Customer requirements. Blocks design for geographic areas with a seismicity of up to 9 points according to the 12-point MSK-64 scale adopted in the Russian Federation.

“Omni technologies” designs, manufactures and supplies the following equipment:

  • Gas treatment unit from contaminants and dropping liquid (filtration, separation and dust collector units);
  • Processing unit of associated petroleum, natural and fuel gas in accordance with current standards for further transportation;
  • Processing unit of fuel gas for its disposal as motor fuel at gas reciprocating, turbine power and heating plants;
  • Block adsorption drying gas to a given dew point for hydrocarbons and water;
  • Low-temperature separation unit;
  • Adsorption / absorption gas treatment unit from impurities;
  • Gas desulfurization unit (gas treatment unit from hydrogen sulfide);
  • Gas processing unit before the compressor units and for injection into underground gas storage facilities;
  • Block of buffer tanks for gas treatment in compressor units or other systems;
  • Pilot units for scientific and preindustrial testing;
  • Laboratory bench for research and development work.