About us

“Omni technologies” is an engineering company specialized in the field of design, development and supply of modern process systems of purification for liquid and gaseous process medias.

For many years, our company design and supply highly-efficient filtration and separation equipment, gas treatment unit to the facilities of GAZPROM (both facilities under construction and already existing facilities), to both Russian and foreign power producing enterprises and enterprises of oil and chemical industries, etc.

Omni Technologies is a part of ZAVKOM group of companies and has production facilities of one of the largest Russian chemical engineering plants. Most of the equipment developed by our company and manufactured according to GOST or ASME standards at the workshops of this facility.

Manufacturing stage is permanently supported by our engineering and design supervision. Manufacturing itself is executed at Russian production sites, experienced in process machinery construction with strict consideration of international and local manufacturing standards and quality systems. The flexible approach towards manufacturing and assembly of the equipment, application of new know-how in oil and gas preparation and treatment, filtration, separation and coalescing result in high efficiency of our products and allow us to rich perfect results in operation of our equipment. Using manufacturing capabilities of ZAVKOM being able to apply international and local manufacturing standards (GOST or ASME), we usually provide our clients with various options of production and supply.

One of our major targets is introduction of new technologies and new technical solutions to the oil and gas objects of the country. To resolve this targets we do our best, trying to attract our partners – both Russian design institutes and major international engineering and design companies to some mutual projects in Russian Federation. Our mutual activity is usually related to the issue of design, production and supply of high-efficiency oil and gas treatment units. Such an approach, combining attraction of modern international know-how, using of local production sites for the equipment (full or partial) production allow both parties to get permanent interest from the Russian oil and gas majors.

Omni Technologies supply equipment in accordance with Customer requirements. As part of the order, highly qualified staff of the company can provide R&D, pre-design inspection, design, field supervision, installation supervision and commissioning. The company has implemented a quality management system ISO 9001-2015. Our company registered in the Register of Members of the Self-Regulatory Organization Designers Association "Assistance to organizations of the design industry." Registration number 1702.

Application of the newest international and local know-how, individual selection of parts and instrumentation, exact compliance with the requirements of our Clients and local standards – all this allow us to declare ourselves as a reliable partner, able to resolve the most complicated issue in time and with the best quality.