Pig launchers/receivers

Except oil filtration and water treatment systems, as well as filtration equipment for natural, fuel and other types of gases, Omni Technologies supplies various process equipment developed and produced in accordance with international and Russian quality standards. Pig launchers-receivers (pig injector and receiver valve systems) developed by local engineering companies and based on design by a European company with many years of experience in the industry have been among our production line since 2009. In compliance with the cooperation agreements, Omni Technologies offers its partners locally produced pig launchers-receivers with foreign components (quick opening closures).

Pig launchers-receivers are designed for installation at transmittal and field pipelines and apply for recurrent injection and reception of inner pipe flow detectors, scrapes and different kinds of online devices. Our company supplies various types of these systems, starting from simple cylindrical pig launchers and closures, ending with traversing systems with binding, control and instrumentation and alarm devices.

Omni Technologies also offers pig launchers for offshore and onshore pipelines.

Besides that, a separate supply of quick opening closures manufactured by our partner is available.

Sholz quick opening closures provide fast and safe access to pipelines and pressure vessels. The main properties of Sholz bayonet quick opening closures are as follows:

Sholz quick opening closures are developed in accordance with the strictest international safety standards. They can be designed for manual or fully automatic operation. The highest grade of flexibility is guaranteed through the modular design. Even the largest of doors can be opened and closed without any problems. The complete cross-sectional area of the pressure vessel is freely accessible, therefore guaranteeing uncomplicated loading and unloading. Whether a horizontal, vertical or tilted alignment of the vessel, the proper work of closures is ensured.

Advantages of manually operated Sholz quick opening closures:

  • Easy and fast opening and closing
  • Well-engineered and low maintenance design
  • Individual solutions based on customer’s specification
  • Optimized design due to application of latest calculation methods
  • Available in accordance with all worldwide valid design codes
  • Pneumatically or hydraulically operated turning
  • and slewing device
  • Electrical monitoring of the final positions
  • Special design in case of danger of clogging