LCK® side-stream separation system

LCK® separation system is designed for simultaneous removal of solid and liquid particles, as well as hydrates and slugs from natural gas.


  1. In high-pressure systems (up to 250 bar).
  2. At extremely high temperatures (up to 750°C).
  3. In severe corrosive media.
  4. Within wide range of operation parameters (flow velocity from 0,6 to 24 m/s, and system pressure from 6 to 250 bar).
  5. At severe contamination of gas flow (up to 2,5 kg/s of dust and 3600 l/s of liquid).
  6. In self-ignition and toxic media.
  7. In case of limited space and need of retrofitting.
  8. At lacking manpower.
  9. At remote locations.
  10. In working space ventilation systems at plants (removal of tungsten carbide welding smoke).
  11. As a pre-filter before a fine filtration system.

LCK® side-stream separation system work principle is based on gradual gas streaming through two stages of separation - LCK® side-stream separator and liquid separation section for removal of both solids and liquids, of through only LCK® side-stream separator (without separation of liquids) if such is required. From a design point of view, LCK® is a compact system consisting of two tube-like separators connected via flange joint. The system can be supplied in horizontal or vertical modification. As for the sump vessel, it can be designed as a single tank with skinning baffle inside or as two separate tanks, for collection of solids and liquids respectively.

Major process parameters

Separation of solids and liquids particles from gas flow:

  • from 1 micron and more - 98%
  • from 5 micron and more – 98,5%
  • from 10 micron and more – 99%

Filtration efficiency of LCK® side-stream separation system is comparable with cartridge filters with integrated coalescing section.

It is necessary to point out that filtration efficiency remains at relatively high level – 90% and more - even at low flow velocities (about 2 m/s).