Mass exchanging, heat exchanging, rectification, separation and other process equipment with regular punched elements

For fine treatment of natural and process gas downstream standard dust filters of casual type, as the second stage of filtration genuine filters–separators with pleated punched elements and standard filter elements had been designed.

Structure of such filter-separator includes:

  • “inertia-based” pre-separation unit to separate both liquids and solids from gas flow
  • contaminants filtration and liquid contaminants coalescing unit
  • fine separation of colloid solvent

Most significant difference of such vessels from other filter-separators

  • low hydraulic pressure
  • high filter capacity
  • high efficiency
  • minimum liquid loss with vapor
  • significant free space
  • solid structure and long service life
  • self-distribution of liquid and gas flows

Equipment for heat-exchange and mass-exchange processes (rectification, distillation, absorption, desorption) is manufactured with operating pressure up to 16 MPa, temperature from -110°С to +700°C, internal diameter up to 3000 mm, weight up to 60 tons in different modifications:

  • with baffle pan and distributor plates
  • with support grids for packing

Vessels are designed according to custom requirements and can be fabricated of carbon, corrosion-resistant steel, aluminium.