Filters-coalescers are designed for separation of solid and liquid contaminants from gas and liquid flows. Separation of liquid contaminants in coalescers is effected due to the ability of filter-element to coalesce (accumulate) liquid aerosol particles of fine diameter (starting from 0,3 micron) into larger droplets and to drain these droplets into the sump system. Models VGC — gas and SW and V — liquid coalescers separate various liquid contaminants from hydrocarbon flow, simultaneously catching solid particles of micron size.

Depending upon process data and as per clients’ requirements we supply single coalescing vessels and coalescing skids. Coalescing skids may optionally include:

  • Instrumentation
  • Gas flow metering device
  • Gas humidity metering device
  • Piping manifold
  • Supporting frame and maintenance platform
  • Electrical heating and insulation

Major process parameters

Separation of solids and liquids particles from gas flow:

  • from 1 micron and more - 98%
  • from 5 micron and more – 98,5%
  • from 10 micron and more – 99%

Filtration efficiency of LCK® side-stream separation system is comparable with cartridge filters with integrated coalescing section.

It is necessary to point out that filtration efficiency remains at relatively high level – 90% and more - even at low flow velocities (about 2 m/s).