Our equipment is produced at the manufacturing sites of Russian Chemical Machinery Production plants. All our equipment is manufactured in full compliance with the local and international standards of quality and production. One of such plants — Tambov “Komsomolets plant named after N.S. Artyomov” is our long-term partner and the Shareholder of Omni Technologies. Such close partnership with a well-equipped and powerful manufacturing plant as well as an opportunity to use material and scientific power of the plant allows us to fulfill serious projects and to develop in different directions.

All equipment produced by us is duly certified and has all necessary application and other permits.

Our partner and shareholder "Tambov plant "Komsomolets" named in honour of N.S.Artyomov" is a modern multiprofile enterprise possessing a powerful manufacturing, technical and intellectual potential. The plant has 75 years' experience of work in the world market.

Komsomolets is one of the largest manufacturers of pressure vessels, industrial vessels, heat exchangers and column equipment of copper, stainless and carbon steels, aluminium and bimetal. The manufactured equipment is used in oil and gas, chemical, food industry, and other branches of industry.

The years of experience in designing, delivering, assembling and commissioning various technological equipment for food industry bring you the guarantee of professional management from the first idea to realization of the project.

The plant exports equipment and has permanent contacts with a number of foreign representative offices in Russia. Technological training courses for the plant specialists, permanent contacts and cooperation with scientific research institutes, leading world companies allow accumulating deep knowledge for development and increase of the production level which guarantees the high quality of the manufactured equipment.

The quality of the manufactured equipment is confirmed by the availability of the following documents:

  • licenses of authorized organizations for designing, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and repair of equipment, including licenses of ROSTEKHNADZOR and GOSATOMNADZOR;
  • certificates of conformity for all manufactured equipment;
  • the certificate of conformity verifying that the quality management system introduced to the enterprise complies with the requirements of international standards MS ISO series 9001:2000.

Our enterprise designs and manufactures vessels and apparatuses working under pressure in accordance with the requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

The plant is in position to manufacture equipment with inside diameter 5000 mm, operating pressure up to 32 MPa, temperature -110°C to + 700°C, wall thikness up to 60mm, length 40m, weight 60 tons, capacity 5000 м3 of different types:

  • pressure and storage vessels
  • large storage tanks up to 5 000m3
  • heat exchangers
  • silos (bins)
  • reactors (with jacket, pipe coil, agitators, etc)
  • columns (absorbers, adsorbers, desorbers)
  • equipment PSA nitrogen gas generators
  • equipment for air-fractionating apparatus
  • technological manifold

The most commonly used materials:

  • stainless and carbon steel
  • bimetal and trimetal
  • copper
  • aluminium and its alloys

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