Our process equipment is applied for:

  • Protection of turbine generators of all types and configurations
  • Treatment of transported, fuel and start-up gas ( at booster stations of major pipelines and at other facilities)
  • At separation units for processing of amines, glycol, natural gas, “acid gas” at sulfur production facilities, gas compressors for stabilizing of hydrocarbon condensate, at glycol regeneration units, at fuels processing facilities ( at oil and gas refineries and other sites)
  • At glycol regeneration units
  • For processing of oil associated gas upstream power generating gas turbine and gas-piston units (at oil production fields)
  • For protection of membrane separation units and molecular sieves (at the objects of chemical industry)
  • For treatment of natural gas and separation of lubes downstream compressors during pumping of gas into undergrounds tank storages
  • For protection of glycol losses and for glycol treatment (at gas dehydrating units)
  • For filtration and separation of any liquid and gaseous media as per the Technical Task of a Client

Our customers

  • Aviation Fueling Station, Kemerovo International Airport
  • Achinsk Oil Refinery
  • Mostransgas Ltd, Nevskoye Booster Station
  • TyumenNIIGiprogaz Ltd.
  • Perm Plant Mashinostroitel
  • "SpetsProject" Ltd for "Naryanmarneftegaz" ("Yuzhnoye Khilchuju Power Facility)
  • Khabarovsk Oil Refinery
  • Iskra-Turbogaz, Baydaratskaya Booster Station
  • Mozyr Oil Refinery (Belorussia)
  • EMC Engineering
  • Rosneft – Angarsk Petrochemical Company
  • TD TOAP Ltd.
  • Fluor Daniel
  • Iskra-Turbogaz, Yelizavetinskaya Booster Station